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The only one heat storage type hair removal laser you don’t feel pain in the world
As an integrated solution, Soprano Titanium combines the benefits of all 3 wavelengths, achieving excellent results to any single-wavelength approach on its own.

Point 1

Hair removal must come with pain,
which is already out of date!

Painless hair removal even children can proceed, which is realized with heat storage method

What is (SHR® Technology)?,
which is medical thermal hair removal
drawing a sharp line from conventional single-shot type hair removal

  • Conventional single-shot type hair removal


    is a hair removal method to damage skin by applying strong heat targeting melanin pigment. The rapid temperature change causes pain.

    • You feel pain as if you are popped
    • Impossible to treat tanned skin
    • Dark skin may enhance burn risk
    • One shot steps easily leads to the instantaneous missing shot
  • Soprano series (Medical thermal storage type hair removal®)


    Irradiates wide areas every across with weak energy. Heats the affected area from the surroundings gently and raising the temperature around the hair follicle brings about the attacks both to the bulge and the hair follicle.
    You don’t feel pain because of the less temperature fluctuation.

    • Just warmth felt without any pains
    • Available to all skin tones including tanned skin and dark skin
    • Safe without any concerns about burns
    • Less missing shot owing to the irradiation to wide areas

The thermal storage type hair removal is one of the recommended way, which can be available to the procedure for children as well as VIO where is likely to be painful and men's beards.

Hair removal requires multiple times for the procedure. However, many ones often give up to come to the clinics from the 2nd time because of the strong pain at the 1st time. This is the typical tendency for removing men’s beards hairs in VIO where the pain may be the likelihood. Your clinic can be appreciated with the adoption of the painless thermal storage type heir removal by the patients who would come to you repeatedly.


Point 2

Applicable for tanned skin, fine and light hair

All skin types and hair colors responded Simultaneous irradiation with 3 wavelengths

Diode technology "TRIO,
which responds to hairs of any depth
and enables simultaneous irradiation with 3 wavelengths

Human hair is growing with various depths of follicles depending on some subtle individual specificities and the hair cycle.
In order to remove the all hairs completely, it is required for the irradiation to hairs at various depths from downy hairs which are rooted in the shallow follicles to thick hairs which are done in the deep follicles.Soprano series is capable of irradiating 3 wavelengths whose invasion depths are different respectively at once so that it can be effective for hair removal at all depths from downy hairs to thick hairs.

  • Irradiation with single wavelength

    • Unlikely to work on hairs that grow in shallow or deep follicles.
    • Different irradiations at least 2 kinds changing the wavelength is required in order to remove all hairs completely, which takes time.
  • Soprano series(Irradiation with 3 wavelengths at once)

    • Work on any types of hairs at once

3 wavelengths to be effective for hair removal

  1. 755nm (Unreachable to deep follicle because it is easily absorbed by melanin)

    Effective for thin and fine hair that grows in shallow follicle

  2. 810nm (Intermediate both in melanin absorption and invasion depth)

    Wavelength often used in hair removal for Japanese

  3. 1,064nm (low melanin absorption rate and reachable to deep follicle)

    Effective for dark skin, tanned skin, deep and thick hair


Simultaneous output of 3 wavelength at once,


Point 3

Only you need to do is just gliding it like a massage!

Reduction of the missed irradiation risk by the continuous irradiation

Advanced head, which simultaneously performs the cooling and irradiation enabling the speedy procedure without unevenness in the irradiation

Conventional single-shot hair removal way requires the application of the head to skin perpendicularly and the irradiation is performed by shifting each shot in one direction so as to take times. In addition, it is necessary to overlap each shot for approx. 30% so that it may cause missing shot if the overlap is too shallow or burn if the overlap is too much, which unevenness of the irradiation happens easily and the risk could be high.

The irradiation head of Soprano series which adopts thermal storage for hair removal® is structured to integrate both cooling port and irradiation port so as to enable the continuous and speedy irradiation. In addition, the operation is arbitrary and the irradiation is performed continuously gliding just like a massage so as to prevent the uneven irradiation.

  • Conventional hair removal with laser


    The irradiation movement onto the surface must be only one direction, which may cause the unevenness.
    *Irradiation port and cooling port are separated in some machines.
    Cooling / Irradiation

  • Soprano Series


    The irradiated surface can be moved arbitrarily so as to prevent the unevenness!

Prevents the uneven irradiation
and removes wanted hairs completely.
Only 5 minutes is sufficient for the irradiation
to your back!

Point 4

The fastest speedy procedure first ever in the series

New "Trio 4 Handpiece" is now available for Soprano Titanium.

Trio Trio 4 hand-piece realizes double-sized irradiated surface comparing to Trio hand-piece while maintaining the same smooth operativity just like massage and "Simultaneous irradiation with 3 wavelength” to approach hairs rooted in different depths.The adoption of the hand-piece whose irradiation surface is wider than ever can shorten the procedure time drastically and realizes the fastest hair removal in whole body first ever in Soprano series.

Thanks to the shortening of the procedure time,
you can increase the number of the procedure slots
without changing your business hours.


Consequently, you can enjoy the advantage to increase your revenue and your patients can make the appointments easier than before.
You can also find new opportunities to offer the hair removal to whoever has not had time for the experience due to their busyness.

Point 5

Compatibility between high-speed procedure and stable operation for long time

The cooling system built-in the body is powered up accompanied with expansion of the irradiated area. Consequently, loads onto the machine is reduced so that the life span of the machine can be extended and the frequency of errors due to overheating has been drastically reduced. (No errors occurred during the endurance test even for 8 hours).The machine has realized the compatibility between the high-speed procedure and the stable operation for long time so that you can be assured to use it.

Hair loss hurts ・ Tanned skin is old and hair loss NG

It doesn't hurt! Tanned skin is OK! With the latest medical laser hair removal To the clinic chosen by the customer


Special attachments and accessories

  • Hygienic tip

    A disposable cover for the hand-piece, which can be attached to the handpiece with one-touch action. Hygienic procedure can be performed by using it per each treated area (e.g. VIO) or each patient It can be used for each treatment area or each patient.

  • Facial tip

    Attachable to the hand-piece with one-touch action and usable for the irradiation to small areas such as nose, ears, eyebrows, where the procedure is difficult normally.